Right back to blogging, it’s been a while since I was focused on this, so whilst I get back into it please enjoy this Halloween picture of a dog dresseed like the Hulk!

I have had a lot going on, but am now focused on entertaining you fine people with more completely pointless posts that hopefully put a smile on your face. If not tough.

I will be giving my nominations for the Versatile blogger award, which I should of done weeks ago – sorry Lady Fangtasia and Lex Luthor, I am forever in your debt, and you will be rewarded in Heaven, and will be wasting your time even more starting now – whilst I sort through the ton of e-mails I have and since it’s Halloween and I like dogs just admire, and probably phone an animal shelter because who knows if it’s safe to do it, this picture of a dog painted and dressed like the Hulk!




Having just had this discussion, I would like your view. Who is the better rapper, Marky Mark or Vanilla Ice?

Now, this is a serious question, so wipe the smile off your face. Forget your Eminem’s, Drake’s, 50 Cent’s, hell, I don’t even like rap that much. But I do know this, as all off you do, Marky Mark. That’s Mark Wahlberg to everyone under 30, used to be a rapper. And he was good. I mean, he would wipe the floor with all of your modern crap. With songs like Good Vibrations, Everbody Dance Now, and the iconic United, it is a wonder to me why he isn’t President of the USA. And I mean that.

He was the Bill and Ted of the hip hop community.

So when I mentioned this to a friend of mine he came up with this reply. What about Vanilla Ice?

I had forgotten about the Ice. The man with the greatest haircut ever in music. Honestly a tropical storm wouldn’t blow down that quiff. And he had such iconic lines like ‘Grilling MC’s like a pound of bacon’. Classic. And he starred in Dancing on Ice and Teenage Mutant Turtles number whatever.

I just can’t decide who is the best of the two, and really want to know who you think.

Watch both perform below and please let me know who you think!

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, and that is AWESOME!



OK, I was hoping it came with a cash prize but, meh, what can you do.

I mean really, I never thought I would be nominated for any award, ever for my blog.

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I was sick of the whole Facebook culture. The idea that I can have random people posting anything and everything and scrolling through it was something everybody did daily. Hourly, every ten minutes. Lets face it, we don’t have hundreds of friends on it, we add people because we can, to top the numbers up, because we knew them from the bus stop, or met them once at a bar.

Same goes for Twitter. I tried it. It makes me hate celebrities more. Really. One example is The Rock. I don’t know why but I followed The Rock. And I got random pictures of his biceps and pecs all day long. 

Seriously though, blogging is different. I didn’t know whether it would be but it is. Aside from the annoying news channel and major website blogs, which can I say really annoy the hell out of me, I don’t give a crap about roadworks in Detroit!, I have found blogs with genuine people, with passions and interests that I thought were not for me, I just wanted to write about movies and TV shows, that have inspired me, made me look at different cultures, hobbies, ways of life. 

One blog I actually read talked about cupcakes, and I was amazed by it.

And that is why blogging is different. It requires effort, opinion, talent, and commitment.

And that is why awards like these mean so much to me and many others.

So a big thanks to sublimezoo.com and ladyfangtasia for nominating me, please check out their sites, they are most awesome, in the words of Bill, and my nominations will be posted soon.

In the meantime enjoy this video of The Dark Knight in 8-bit video game style. It’s good!

By pitchscript

Batman vs Superman football game shoot video!



Check out the new video of the shooting of the new Batman vs Superman movie, filmed in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Although the title of the new movie hasn’t been confirmed yet, a Warner Bros representative told the crowd they were going to be in the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie so draw your own conclusions.

Check out the video below!

By pitchscript

I just got my first strike by YouTube, and feel good about it!



As many of you know, well all of you know, Google is the King of the search engines, basically owning all of the internet. If you disagree, Google it, and check it out. It does. 

It also owns YouTube, the biggest, and most user friendly video viewer website ever. I watch it daily, hourly, I don’t even know how often I watch it, but like all of you, yes every single person who is reading this, except the Chinese. Well at least I think so.

Anyway, I write this blog, and I run a website about movies and TV shows. Well by run I mean I do what all of us movie and TV bloggers do, we get the news from each other, write it, and then to make our article better than the others we frantically search, yes you do, Google Images for the best photo to put in it and then we use our abused and calloused fingers to find the video that will let us give our viewers what we want. Through YouTube.



YouTube allows us to share things we don’t own, know existed, or even want to know existed, and view them, copy them, paste them, and not get that annoying three option, no you can’t, this isn’t yours, you can’t have it option you get from other exclusive videos websites. You all know what I mean.

So I decided to help my website get more viewers I made a YouTube channel, if that’s what you call it, and that I would post movie and TV trailers on it, you know to get more viewers. And so I posted the new Robocop trailer, and then a couple of more that I thought people would like.

And a red warning came through in the message board. 

I had breached a copyright, and had received my first of three strikes, three meaning I am banned from YouTube, and will possibly be whisked off to a camp somewhere for Google brainwashing therapy.

I have spoke to a lot of people about this and I have heard the same thing over and over from all of them. Oooh, a strike, you have to be careful now, watch your back, your world will collapse soon, starting with, well have you seen Enemy of the State, you know, with Will Smith, it will be like that soon. 

Honestly, it made me feel good.I know a YouTube channel is good for viewers, advertising, getting your stuff seen, but, honestly, it was a pain in the ass to set up, kept adding recommended channels it wanted me to watch, without a care for the smaller ones, the sites like me and you, and I only have two strikes left,

So I’ll keep copy and pasting if you don’t mind Google. 

By pitchscript

After watching the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy it is official – It is the greatest TV show ever!



Yes, it is true. Sons of Anarchy can officially be crowned ‘Greatest TV show of all time’ after last nights episode!

Forget your Breaking Bad, your Mad Men, any new shows you like to watch, any of the old favorites like the Sopranos, the Wire.

S.O.A is the best show ever. Of all time. Bar none.

It has been the best show on TV for years now. Any Walter White fans can cry and moan all they want, but S.O.A just blew it out of the water with the 5th episode of the new season shown last night.

Put it this way, I had the same beer in my hand for the whole episode, and when it had finished, not a drop had been touched.

Anyone could of broken in and stole everything but the TV whilst I was watching it, that’s how good it was!

Go and watch it, now.

By pitchscript