Having just had this discussion, I would like your view. Who is the better rapper, Marky Mark or Vanilla Ice?

Now, this is a serious question, so wipe the smile off your face. Forget your Eminem’s, Drake’s, 50 Cent’s, hell, I don’t even like rap that much. But I do know this, as all off you do, Marky Mark. That’s Mark Wahlberg to everyone under 30, used to be a rapper. And he was good. I mean, he would wipe the floor with all of your modern crap. With songs like Good Vibrations, Everbody Dance Now, and the iconic United, it is a wonder to me why he isn’t President of the USA. And I mean that.

He was the Bill and Ted of the hip hop community.

So when I mentioned this to a friend of mine he came up with this reply. What about Vanilla Ice?

I had forgotten about the Ice. The man with the greatest haircut ever in music. Honestly a tropical storm wouldn’t blow down that quiff. And he had such iconic lines like ‘Grilling MC’s like a pound of bacon’. Classic. And he starred in Dancing on Ice and Teenage Mutant Turtles number whatever.

I just can’t decide who is the best of the two, and really want to know who you think.

Watch both perform below and please let me know who you think!