New Wolverine movie in the works!



Following the success of The Wolverine at this years box office, it grossed $413 million just to let you know, director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman are joining forces again for a new Wolverine movie.

No details on a plot or script have been released yet.

Seriously. Another Wolverine movie?


I really want to like Marvel’s Agents of Shield, but can’t!



Honestly I really do. I mean it’s Marvel. The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor. You know the ones. Adults and children coming together to finally share a TV show that isn’t reality based. Dads and sons huddled around the warming glow of the TV, sharing this experience that costs a small fortune every year at the cinema for free, at home. Which is where I was, my son sitting next to me, my wife on her phone doing whatever she does, casually glancing at the screen every now and again, a beer in my hand. I was set.

So I sat with excitement and childish awe as the opening scenes of the pilot episode unfolded. And as the episode played, I found myself getting more and more annoyed. It was not at all like I expected. Actually, it was exactly like I expected it to be like, but hoped that it wasn’t going to be.

It was just OK. Alright. Not to bad, good,even. But that’s not what I had come to expect with the big red Marvel logo attached to it. That symbol represents for me and a lot of others the cream of the crop. The superhero powerhouse. What Facebook is in the social networking world, the best.

Every year scores of TV shows compete for viewers, demographics, advertisers money, only to fall on the way, stumbling towards a second season. Some shows favor trophy’s and compete to be the best, others just to survive. Some want both but can’t seem to hit the right note with both sets of fans. Others, for example Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead get it right, and everyone falls over themselves for the show, and the network and viewing public are both winners.

Then ABC announce that they are producing a TV show with Marvel, and it’s slightly related to the Avengers, and all of a sudden people worldwide go into a frenzy, rumors about possible cameos, villains and everything Marvel related go into overdrive, fueled by this win win partnership between Marvel and ABC. Two media giants merging to save the world, bring families closer together for an hour a week, finally produce a show that doesn’t have to wait until episode 20 to find out if it has a second season.

But what about The CW and DC teaming up you say? Arrow was great. I loved the first season, and the second looks like it’s going to be even better!

Yes it does, and yes I will be watching. But it didn’t have the Iron Man, Avengers and Thor element attached to it. Initially everyone, myself included thought, ooh, Arrow, I’ll watch that, looks good. No, it was, MARVEL, a MARVEL show, with the guy from the Avengers in it. You mean it might have superhero’s in it? Not like the DC ones, but ones that turn green and have iron suits? Now that sounds cool!

Yes, for all you heard the ‘It won’t have any Avengers in it’ speech from the suits at the network. But part of you secretly thought, I have to watch just to see if they do.

And then it was alright. Not bad. Good. We can talk about it being the pilot and, hey, there is still the rest of the season to go. I thought that too. Then I watched the second episode, with it’s logo and it’s eye patch, the Samuel L Jackson rumor. Yes, finally, another person from the Avengers has turned up. I can listen to the sweet, almost angel like screaming of Samuel MotherF***ing  Jackson. MotherF***er. Not some weird brother and sister type loving between two British nerds, a poor man’s Jason Bourne and well, I can’t really say anything bad about Gregg Clark. The man is the new Steve Buscemi. Just awesome in all he does.


And boy was I even more annoyed! This episode was set on the giant plane that I hope does not become a focus point of the season, because it’s really not that good. It’s a plane. And in a clearly fake jungle, complete with the worst looking cave I have ever seen. It has been untouched for 500 years. Really. It looked as it the Extreme Makeover crew had just plastered it. And painted it. It wouldn’t of looked out of place if a clock was hanging on the wall and a family popped their heads out and asked if anyone wanted to use the bathroom if they needed, of which they had two because they had just had an en – suite put in. But would you nice Shield agents please take off your shoes when you come in.

After watching the first two, unless there is a massive improvement in the show, or Iron Man pops  in for an episode or two, or they bring in some better cave designers, unless they make it more Marvel and less ABC, the ratings will slide, and the TV goldmine it could of been will be ruined, leaving both Marvel and ABC with the ultimate TV show letdown in history to contend with. And a lot of angry fans!

My son, possibly the biggest superhero fan I know, after me of course, has already said he doesn’t want to watch another. I mean he is only 7 so why would he. Marvel isn’t aimed at kids. And Agents of Shield wasn’t meant for him. It was meant for me, the 33 year old who also loves that stuff. So I turned to him and said, I don’t know if I will either. It wasn’t meant for my age group either.

So who is it aimed at? Marvel, ABC, any answers? MotherF***er!