So Nightwing is going to be in Batman vs Superman?


So the Batman vs Superman rumor mill went into overdrive today, with the teaser that new artwork for the movie will be shown at the Kevin Smith hosted fan event on Saturday 9th November, and the possible Nightwing role being in the new movie.

Smith, a comic book store owner and close friend of Ben Affleck, Batman himself had this to say –

“They’re doing a special on Yahoo that I’m hosting, Zack Snyder is the featured guest, but it’s all about Man of Steel. So it’s me, Zack Snyder, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill is on video from London or he may even be on set with us, and then there’s some Michael Shannon stuff. So it’s an hour long, it’s free, it’s on the internet, but it’s just kind of to be like ‘Hey, Man of Steel is coming out!’ But there’s two things, there might be announcements during this show and the one thing I do know is there’s artwork going to be on this show that may or may not have something to do with a  movie that’s coming up.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who starred in the Dark Knight Trilogy, and a the very end of the last movie The Dark Knight Rises was seen entering the Batcave after learning of Bruce Wayne’s secret is rumored to be in line for the role.

The move would be a wise one, keeping the Nolan fanatics at bay and continuing the storyline at the same time, and another teaser which lends truth to the story is the CW wanting to cast Nightwing in the Arrow TV show but giving this response when asked about it –

“We’ve heard the fans and we’re very well aware that they would like to see Nightwing and various other Bat-characters on the show,” said the two. “[But] that is a little bit out of our control, [and] I think [the ‘Batman Vs. Superman’] announcement made it a lot more out of our control!”