The new biggest movie of all time has just been greenlit – Lake Placid vs Anaconda!



Yes they did. Forget your Batman vs Superman, Marvel Superhero crossovers, it doesn’t matter anymore. The people at the top of the food chain in the movie industry have just rocked the entire entertainment industry with the news that two of the biggest, literally, movie franchises are to face each other. 

Lake Placid, remember that movie about a giant crocodile from 1999 that was pretty good. You saw it once and thought, that was OK. Then they released about 17 sequels and you didn’t watch any of them. That one.

And Anaconda. That terrible movie about a giant snake that you thought was good because it had a sweaty Jennifer Lopez in it before she had been married 17 times and, Jon Voight was eaten whole by the giant snake. Which we all want to happen for real.

So. Yeah. They are coming together to face off in the biggest clash of nature ever. 

The movie is due to start shooting this December.

Why? Just why? 

Anyway, here’s Jon Voight getting eaten, and a sweaty J Lo, and Ice Cube with a bandana on! Now I know why!



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