Workaholics being made into a movie!



Comedy Central slacker comedy Workaholics is getting the big screen treatment.

The show, centered around three office workers, with drug and alcohol addictions, their psychopathic and in desperate need of a lay boss, and a whole lot of chaos each episode, is currently on it’s fourth season.

And it’s awesome. Yes I was born in the 80’s so I can relate to these guys. Hell, I am one of these guys. And if there’s one sitcom which will do a 90 minute running time justice it’s workaholics.

The movie is being produced by Scott Rudin, who did The Social Network, and is thought to be directed by Kyle Newacheck, who directs most episodes of the show anyway.

Hopefully this will be a hit and will lead to The League or Key and Peele getting the big screen working over they deserve!

Don’t watch the show? Here’s what you are missing!

By pitchscript

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