Why the final episode of Dexter was better than the Breaking Bad one!



Having just watched the final ever episode of Dexter yesterday. Yes I know I’m a bit late but I haven’t bothered to catch up with all the new Fall shows, the other Summer finales, and running a website and blog.

And the rest of season 8, as well as the previous 3 seasons were crap. They were. After season 4’s big bad John Lithgow and his Trinity Killer, the show nose dived badly, never picking up the pace, never improving on that season, and every fan of TV’s best and most loved serial killer knew it.

I mean the performance of Lithgow was the stuff of legend. His character will go down in TV villain history. Scary, creepy, unknown, you name it, the character has never been bettered on any big bad season bad guy as portrayed by many shows. And even though a number of names may crop up as you read this, deep down you know I’m right.

So, anyway I finally caught up with the rest of season 8, for the better part not being that good, and I got to final episode. And I thought, here we go. Lets see how it ends. And I watched it, not expecting much following the brief reviews and headlines I had read, not by choice, but when you try and run a movie and TV website and blog it comes with the territory. And I loved it. Really…

OK, I was going to finish that sentence there but I should fill you in on the Breaking Bad part of this. Here I am, telling you how I loved this one more than that one and then going on a rant about Dexter.

So, Breaking Bad. One of my favorite TV shows of all time. A juggernaut of emotion, suspense, a complex study of a man who wanted to do good, and it going so wrong. The effects on his family, friends, and his rise and fall. And a lot of desert shots. Well up until the final season anyway.

Yes, up until the final season. This season hasn’t been a patch on the previous 4. And everyone knows it. All fans who have followed the show from the beginning, who have followed the show since the opening episode with the RV and Walt in his underpants scene, to the death of Walter White in the meth lab whilst the cops showed up final scenes.

So it will come as no surprise when I say, as in the post I wrote about the Breaking Bad final episode not being that good, that after watching the Dexter finale, and the reviews on both episodes being in complete contrast to each other, that I felt I had to write this post to tell everyone what I think about both finales.

The Breaking Bad finale was disappointing, a let down. It lacked the emotion, rawness, sheer edge of the seat expectation I had come to expect from the show. Yes, it finished a lot of the story lines for the characters. The money problem was solved. The broken marriage between Walter and Skylar was finally resolved. By the show. We all knew how that would end. And Jesse got free from the criminal lifestyle, after spending the last 8 episodes crying or being chained up. Oh,and Walter died. In a meth lab.

The critics, public, aliens, animals, you name it loved it. Except me. I won’t tell you why. That you can read in the post mentioned earlier.

So. Dexter. Like Walter White the antihero. The man who we love to hate. The TV show character created to make us give into our animal instincts. And feel guilty about it. And then want to see the demise of them. The only reason why is for our own good.

I am not condoning mass murder. Or meth producing on a major scale in any way. However if you are doing either then watch both shows. Because you will enjoy them. 

The Dexter finale was a fitting end for one of the greatest TV creations in history. The episode was as close to perfection as an episode has came. Suspense, drama, excitement, you name it, that episode had it. But the one element it had that I felt made it superior to Breaking Bad was what they did with our hero.

Dexter lived, he understood his past hurt everyone, got many people killed, ruined many lives. Yet he lived. His final scenes see him as a lumberjack, sporting a beard and a shirt borrowed from Tim Allen. He is living away from everyone he loves, in a serial killer way. Everyone thinks he is dead, and that’s what he is. In his eyes as well. His life is now a shell of his former one. Punishment.

Yet he lived. And we all wanted that. The show was centered around him. Why would we want him to die? If that was the case we would of stopped watching the show 4 seasons ago.

Breaking Bad went down the different path. Killing Walter White. The great ‘One Who Knocks’. The biggest TV show character of the last few years. Why? It was the right thing to do. The fitting end to the show. How it had to end.

No it wasn’t!

Did we really all just watch the show through 5 seasons to see the demise of Walter White. One of 3 characters who we actually liked from the show??

Yes. 3. You know them. Walter, Jesse and Saul. Anyone who watches the show hoping Skylar, Walt Jr, or Marie is spared a horrible fate this week is lying. Am I the only one who thought, yes, Hank is dead? Didn’t  think so.

So, to sum it up. Walter died. Dexter didn’t. I feel better knowing that one of them is alive. It’s just a shame it took one season to ruin one show, and one episode to save another!



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