The perfect celebrity – compiled from all your favorites!

Just found this online. Hollyscoop recently asked their viewers to list their favorite celeb in their annual ‘Hollywood’s Hottest Babes’ list.

They then took the list and took various body parts from each celeb to create the perfect celebrity.

I mean seriously, what is that? Each of the women are hot, but have they thrown in some guy parts in there as well?

She actually scares me. What do you think? And for any women reading this, now you know what your man ultimate woman looks like. Better get saving for all the surgery you’ll need! A list of who is what is at the bottom!



Legs: Jennifer Aniston

Boobs: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Abs: Gwen Stefani

Curves: Sofia Vergara

Arms: Jennifer Aniston

Hair: Sofia Vergara

Eyes: Zooey Deschanel

Smile: Kate Middleton

Eyebrows: Megan Fox

Jawline: Victoria Beckham

Nose: Scarlett Johansson



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