5 TV shows that should have a crossover episode, and be Awesome for it!






So, here’ what I’m wondering. How many new TV shows do we have to go through each year, only to find that thanks to the ridiculous 18 – 49 demographic, poor, well sometimes, viewing figures, and the we will just see how it pans out and hope for a second season network mentality, that our favorite will be cancelled.

We do this every year, whether it be the Summer or Fall season. New shows, with exciting posters, trailers, and interviews promising us the best new TV show we have ever seen. It will be so good it can’t fail. There is a second season already in the works. How many times have we heard this before? How many of us watch the first or second episode of a show, with the thought already in our head that it won’t make the cut. That’s right, all of us, and on a seasonal basis.

So instead of thinking of new shows every year to replace the ones we wish had a new season, I thought, what if the Networks decided to mix shows together between themselves.

Think about it, we like these shows, we watch them together, they haven’t been cancelled. Yet.

It has happened before. Think CSI, NCIS, Buffy.

So why not now. With the previous efforts above, and the movie crossovers with Agents of Shield, and the newly ordered Batman Gotham order, now is the time for Networks to mix it up. And try something new. Or old.

So these are the best ones I could think of so far, but the list will continue!


With them both being pretty much the same show, just a slightly different set up, the HIMYM characters decide to try a new drrinking hole and find themselves in Nick’s bar, with the New Girl cast on a drinking session. Would probably focus on 2 of the greatest comedy icons of modern times competing for the spotlight in Schmidt and Barney, but man would it be funny!


So both shows cover the paranormal, and both are on different paths, but both these shows need a ratings boost, and a little mix between the two would fix the problem. Supernatural has never been the same since season 5, and forgetting the final scenes from the last season, has sucked since then, and whilst Haven is on the rise story wise, it lacks the sense of humor that comes with Supernatural. The mix would entail Sam and Dean heading to Haven to investigate something weird, only to be drawn into a battle against a mythical creature, and make Nathan smile through wisecracks and Castiel turning up.


Two shows with a tendency to make the next episode more and more violent, edgy and controversial. Well what if they crossed over, with Samcro wanting to expand their gun business to Bon Temps. And Eric and company not happy with it. Honestly, can you imagine the outcome.  I can see a lot of tea drinking, singing and being merry. Not!


A missing persons case bring Mr Reece and Finch to Sacramento, where they meet up with Sacramento’s  finest. With both main characters having a fondness for not smiling and suits, the case would be solved quite quickly, with plenty of time for some hair styling tips and tailored fittings.


OK, this one would be a disaster waiting to happen. There would be bitching, fighting, backstabbing, and pretty much the worst soundtrack to a TV episode ever. In fact there would probably be a song constantly playing, knowing these two shows’ fondness for cheesy singer songwriters and no scene left songless. However, it would be nice for the two sets of  characters to get together, at a prom probably, again, and fight it out. Think punch spiked with Vervain, a few punctured necks, and a hell of a lot of sex, with a lot of songs thrown in!


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