PitchFest at Pitchscript! Your scripts, ideas and scripts will be sent to movie studios and TV networks!

Image I have decided that with the crap coming out this year, and there is quite a lot of it, coupled with the reboots and spinoff’s that seem to be growing in number that I would ask you, my fellow bloggers, and the public to come up with the new movies and TV shows, since the executives don’t seem to want to do it.

Seriously, I know some people might be happy with some of these ideas but it is getting to the point that it is expected. In the TV world, this year alone we have had spinoff shows from Breaking Bad, the Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Chicago Fire, and the Walking Dead either confirmed or upcoming this year, as well as Evil Dead, Robocop, and Mad Max in the movie world.

Then what do they do to freshen things up? They announce a Star Wars new trilogy. And another 3 Fast and Furious films.

Are there any new ideas?

I hope so, and that”s what I want from you. I run this blog and a website similar, and want you to send me scripts, ideas, and stories for new movies and TV shows so I can send them, which believe me I will, with great pleasure, to all major studios, networks and agencies with the hope of getting your work onto the big or small screen.

I will take no credit for the work should it get picked up by a network or studio. My reward comes from the satisfaction in new movies and TV shows getting made by ordinary people, like me, well I think I’m normal anyway, getting the break they deserve, and some of the wittiest and smartest people I have the pleasure of knowing in you here at WordPress showing the overpaid Hollywood, London, wherever, executives and writers how to do movies and TV properly!

Seriously, I have liked your posts, follow you, read you everyday, I know what a lot of you can do. And it is worthy of greatness. I would rather read your posts than the newspapers that sell millions of copies everyday.

Seriously, where do you think I get my daily intake of news about, well everything, from movies and TV to poetry, what the hell is happening in San Francisco with traffic, I must delete that blog actually, to everyday global issues. It’s not by buying a newspaper or reading the BBC or Fox websites. It’s by checking here everyday. With the people I trust to tell it how it is, when I want to hear it.

So now I want to at least try and give back. I am not saying it will work, but there is no shame in trying. So send me ideas, scripts, stories, and I will do what I can to make it happen.

One more thing, there are roadworks on a lot of streets in San Francisco this week. Just to let you know!


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