With everyone going crazy about Breaking Bad, and the new Sons of Anarchy season starting, watch the start of the quality TV revolutions first episode. Fox TV’s Profit!

At this stage in the TV revolution we are used to seeing and wanting quality, as we say TV, with characters that have complex lives, multiple storylines, a connection with the characters not just because we watch them, but because the dark side in them makes us feel a little more morally superior than them.

Everybody thinks that the bad guy/good guy moral, like nothing on TV before official starter and Father of this was Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. Well it wasn’t. 

Back in 1996, Fox had a show that only lasted one season. There was uproar about it, boycotts, disputes which eventually led to it being axed. Yet it is still the real unofficial, yet real Daddy of quality TV. The inspiration in a sense for all the shows we watch today, from Breaking Bad, Dexter, to The Sopranos. 

For your viewing pleasure, the first episode of Profit!

By pitchscript

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