I thought I might give Blogger a try as well as WordPress, why is it that bad?


OK, so I am trying to run a website and a blog here on WordPress. It’s all running smoothly, I update the website when I can, and I write my blogs, upload trailers and photos for my followers, and anyone who might want to follow my blog and view my website can do so with ease. Then I think to myself, as one does, you know something, I might try Google Blogger as well, after all it’s easy enough on WordPress, and I enjoy what I do, hell, I might make some extra money through the Adsense part of it. It’s a winning senario. Well not to my wife, but it’s either that or get some poor paid manual labor job.

Anyway, I sign up, thinking, it’s Google. The God of the Internet. It must be good. It must be easy. At this point anyone reading this who has blogged for a while now, and there are a lot of you I know, who hate Blogger, please bear in mind I have only been doing this for a couple of months, so treat me as an amateur in the blogging world. So, as I was saying, I’m thinking, yeah Blogger, lets me and you make some money, and I can have two blogs, and I can promote the website, make some money, my wife can spend it, and all will be right with the world. If I had any free time I could have sorted out the crisis in Syria. But Google Blogger messed that up, and the crisis continues.

I would like anyone reading this to bear in mind that I am listening to 80’s glam metal as well, and it’s my birthday so this is the version of the post that does not include words I was thinking of adding which include, and have said out loud many times since joining Blogger, F followed by two stars and a King Google, MotherF, followed by five stars and an S. And many more. You get the point.

So why do I hate it that much? Why is it so poor compared to WordPress? Why can I set up a website with no funding and run a blog here easily? The answer is, well the first reason is the themes are pathetic. Really, they are just poor in design, layout and ease of access. Don’t bother Googling how easy it is, because they all work for Google, I’m sure of it. Second reason is that they ask me for a URL of a person I want to add. How should I know that? I want to see people’s blogs before I consider them to be in my inner circle of fellow bloggers. I mean you can join groups in Blogger about different subjects, for example if you like Breaking Bad, join that group. No. If I wanted to do that I would have joined a chat room. I write a blog. And so do the people I follow. I mean I post trailers and news as well, yet I have content on there, like this post, that I feel compelled to write so people can read content,  not just like because it’s about the same subject as they are writing about.

I mean it could have just been me, and my experience with Blogger, that meant I won’t be visiting again. Others like you reading this might be Blogger’s, have found it more fulfilling a blogging experience than I did, and if so, well done, and enjoy blogging on it, however before you depart to add some URL’s to add to your friend list, answer me one question, does anyone give a shit about Kelly Sak’s story, because I don’t!


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