Why I think that Google should make movies and TV shows!


OK, so on a daily basis Google gets, and I could be wrong because this is just what I read online by, wait for it, entering it on Google, 2.4 billion hits a day. 2.4 billion. Nearly as many as this website gets, but they will catch up one day. Those searches we make every day are onto websites that have been seen by someone, somewhere, at some point before. And Google know this. They send crawlers, robots, spiderlings, whatever you want to call them out to check websites and feed that information back to the all knowing, all seeing Google. They know what you and I like, want and need, and they know what order to put it in. That’s why if your reading this, you actually searched for it, because although I am writing about movies and TV shows, and want ordinary people, like you and me to be able to tell the big studios and networks what we want to watch, I am not listed anywhere near as high, even in the same league as the bigger websites doing the same thing.

And that’s where I think Google should step in. The company that know everything about us, who we know we can trust when it comes to telling us what is wrong with us in the best order of rank and file when we feel ill. Who we turn to when we don’t know the answer to every single question we don’t need to know the answer to, like I did earlier when my son said that a honey badger could beat up a lion.  And I laughed. A badger. Really. Yet I Googled it. And he was right.  Seriously, it beat the crap out of it. And I’m getting away from the point.

Google have amassed a fortune, have cornered many markets, the internet, YouTube, Google Maps, Google glasses, advertising, images. Who hasn’t watched a video on YouTube and been Rick Astleyed, hasn’t seen their street from where they work and said, there’s next doors trampoline! Who owns a website and thinks, AdSense, no way. Who hasn’t seen their favorite celebrity wearing those glasses and thought, bet he doesn’t get banned for driving with them on? Yet no one thinks or speaks about Google in the movie industry or what should we watch on Google TV tonight. What  summer blockbuster is Google bringing out next summer, or what show is out this Fall on Google. But why?

To be honest, it would be one of the first things I would have thought Google would have bought into. With the world of streaming and downloading, both legal and not, being a major factor in consumers,  networks and studios present and future, in the good and bad sense, now would be an ideal time for Google to step in, a bit like what Netflix did, but on a larger scale and take control it and, as it does with many other products, bring it in line and up to date, and make it so that we all win.

Yes movies had a bumper year this year you can argue, and the recent season of  Breaking Bad being one example, some TV networks are having a great time, however if you consider the amount of money lost on some of the major blockbuster movies this year, After Earth, The Lone Ranger, RIPD, and the wave of cancellations made year after year by all the major and minor TV networks, only to be replaced by another swarm desperate for a second season, coupled with, and this is backed up by anyone who visits such sites and by the amount of people that watched the recent Homeland season 3 leak, many people now and have done for years now, simply download or stream the movies and TV shows for free. Netflix is one example of a company trying to break the cycle, creating it’s own shows, trying something new, but it isn’t big enough or as worldwide as it needs to be to compete. Movies should have been streaming online as soon as they are released at the cinemas for 10 years now, as piracy cannot be stopped, and both industries know this, yet close their eyes to the problem.

And that is where Google come in. They know what we like, what we search for everyday, what we view, watch, want to watch, so why not?  They have the money, the contacts, the spiderlings, the glasses. What is the first place a movie or TV show trailer, promo or hell, there are even full movies and episodes on it, go on? That’s right, YouTube. Networks, studios, and production companies place their videos there, and we, the people view them, and if we want we share them so others can watch them. What do we do when we want to stream or download, we Google the site we want to go to. Would a show get cancelled after one season if Google made it? No, because if you liked it and it was going to get cancelled what would you do? Google the petition to keep it going. Take the Ben Affleck as Batman or Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey anger. People took to the internet to voice their opinion. And where do you think was the place they found those petition sites?  They probably Googled them.

So to close the blog off I will just say,when will it happen?  Because if it worked, or if it was a complete failure, it has to happen at some point, if not only because there is so much potential revenue there, but because we the public, the people who Google anything and everything everyday, want TV shows and movies that we want to see, to try when and how we want to watch them.  Based on what we like, and you know what that is Google.

What do you say Google, 50/50 you and Pitchscript. That’s fair. Oh and if this isn’t placed high on the Google rankings for my hard effort on promoting you, we will fall out. And I won’t return your spiderling!


3 comments on “Why I think that Google should make movies and TV shows!

  1. Good angle! They can’t. Because of privacy. They’ll be sued right away, negative feedback, etc. However they do release data on popular searches and keywords i believe? Nothing prevents anyone using this data for a movie idea. But beware it may mostly be youtube cats 🙂

    • Whilst I know where you’re coming from on the privacy and being sued issue, I honestly think that no company on Earth would even seriously play that card due to the global domination of Google, as all of them need Google in a big way to promote their business in some way.

      • Hehe true 🙂 i think public won’t like it. But who knows? I’d use google tv/ cinema tailored to my search history 🙂 not as creepy if you think about it

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