Breaking Bad season 5, is it just me or is it the worst season of them all?

OK, so let me just clear a couple of things up for everyone, and there are a lot, who is watching and reviewing Breaking Bad, currently in it’s second half of it’s fifth season. It makes sense if you watch the show. The first point that I want to make is that it is nowhere near as good as the previous seasons, and I mean not even in the same league. Anyone who disagrees is lying. The second point I want to make is that somewhere along the way in this wrapping up and finishing of the show completely, the writes and producers forgot that over the course of the previous four seasons, characters were developed, sideline plots were introduced, and there was a dark, very dark sense of humor built into the show which helped in a big way to transform it into one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Is it just me or has all of that been forgotten or pushed to the curb in order to rush through this final eight episode second, fifth, whatever season run. Jesse moans and sulks, a lot. His eyes are always red. No they really are. I cannot be the only person who has noticed this. Saul has lost that sleazy, devil about me wit that comes with his radio DJ voice,  Hank limps and stares, and doesn’t work ever, and considering he is the boss of the DEA never works any other case, or hears about one. The rest of the characters, Skyler, Marie, the son and the baby, who’s names are never mentioned anymore. There will be a few reading this who will try and remember but won’t. It’s Walter Jr and the baby for those who tried and failed. No it is just Walters show now, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if he was in the drug making business  but he’s not, meaning he does nothing now. Christ he doesn’t even run the car wash anymore. Who doesn’t long for the bath tub through the ceiling moment, the running over of the two dealers moment, the iconic underpants and handgun scene to jump out and happen when you least expect it in this still better than most other TV shows, yet ultimately nowhere near as good fifth season. I know I do, and I bet a lot of others do as well.



3 comments on “Breaking Bad season 5, is it just me or is it the worst season of them all?

  1. I completely agree. I think Vince Gilligan completely dropped the ball on this season and it has been all over the place. It completely lost his understanding of pace with either rapid fire eps, then slow as a snail filler eps or tacked on dramatic last 30 seconds. I get tired of critics doing amazing write ups calling it 9/10 super emotionally blah blah blah. It has no edge any more and completely lost its electricity. The Todd and his white power cronies storyline is completely unbelievable as well. The first half was medicore, the second half has been plain crap apart from 13,14 but the penultimate ep last night was just mediocre nothing. Yet critics call it amazing. It bothered me it won the emmy because it was so obviously a political choice rather than quality. Mad Men sucks now and other shows have gone to pot to lower the bar that was so high a few years ago but not enough for this mediocrity to win when its prior amazing seasons (best S2) was always overlooked for the long since now inferior Mad Men.

    • Exactly. What I think has been it’s main downfall was the decision to end it after season 4 had finished. The story clearly wasn’t finished, yet they had no idea what to do this season. A lot of it feels made up on the spot.
      As for Mad Men, never tried it, wanted to, just never got round to it.

  2. Mad Men season’s 1-5 simply fantastic. After that Michael Weiner got greedy and just made pretty much the eps you just described but even more pedestrian.

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