Why European Glam Metal is now my favourite music!

I have always been a fan of Rock. With a capital R as you see because that is how it is written, or spoke, with the capital R. If you are a fan of the music you know what I mean. No other genre of music gets the capital at the beginning. Anyway i’m getting off track. A little. Over the past few years the European Rock, with the capital R, scene has been gaining quite a following, and having listened to a lot of it over the past few days, I have come to the conclusion that I love it! It makes me feel good, feel better, dance, badly whilst everyone is in bed and I’m at the back door having a cigarette, devils horns in the air bad. Bands like Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx and Crashdiet have made it possible for me to believe that it is 1987 again, and that mobile phones were still a distant memory, that Facebook hadn’t been invented yet, that my 7 year old son wasn’t better at video games than me.

Then I had finished my cigarette and realised that I am 32 and don’t remember 1987, and that I live in a street with 4 houses that can view my back garden so maybe the devil’s horns and knee slide along the patio were a step too far.

By pitchscript

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