Is it just me or is Real Steel better than Rocky?

I know some people will see this as a joke. How can it be better than Rocky, really, how. Well after watching both movies over the last couple of days, I can honestly say that I enjoyed Real Steel more. I found the story better, the action better, the all round heart of the film was just so much more uplifting than Rocky. Let’s face it, aside from Rocky running up the steps, punching the meat and screaming Adrienne at the end of the movie, does anyone actually remember the main part of the movie. The depressing first hour and a bit, with nothing actually happening but family squabbles and moaning about not being good enough. At least in Real Steel there were robots, a child actor who wasn’t annoying, a flowing and less depressing story, and, yes I mean this, a better fight at the end. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. Real Steel wins on points!

Just to say I am not including Rocky 4 in this, and you know what I mean!


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