How different types of music can influence a movie or TV show audience.

I have been thinking about this subject for a couple of days now, ever since I put on my website the video from Kick Ass 2 which featured boy band Union J. And you know what I came up with, that for starters I like that song, and that maybe it’s not the actual content or subject of a movie or TV show, or even the trailer or promotion behind it. No, it has a lot to do with the song. Yes I know your thinking what, I don’t get what you mean, but it is simple and it works for men and women. 

Take for example Rescue Me the TV show. And take the song by Union J Carry You. It’s about firemen. And one of the things they do is, well you do the math. I’m a guy, I will not watch chick flicks. Ever. However if the trailer for say, the Notebook has a really guy orientated anthem over the trailer or credits, still working with the film though, well I might have watched it.

It works if you think about it, and it has worked for 50 years for Bond movies. Why not with other shows and movies, just not the Notebook because my wife has been wanting me to watch it with her for ages.

By pitchscript

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