Why do TV shows not have a theme tune or song anymore?

I’m not talking about game shows or morning breakfast shows, no I’m talking about the prime time dramas we all watch, the comedies, the thrillers. And even the ones that do are mediocre at best. There are exceptions to the rule but they are few, True Blood being the only one that springs to mind at this moment. Nowadays it’s just a title and back to the show which, don’t get me wrong is fine most of the time but sometimes I think that the song playing over the credits brings back memories as you silently hum along, it breaks up the opening scene and leads into the main part of the episode after  the initial set up, it gives you time to get a drink if I, I mean you want. Cast your mind back. Who knows the Baywatch drum intro, followed by the piano, the heroic battle anthem of Smallville, the Rescue Me war cry song, the X Files whistle, the Veronica Mars indie jangle, the A Team for crying out loud. I do, and boy do I miss it sometimes.

By pitchscript

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