Why is the new season of 24 only half a day?

I mean really. Twelve hours. I wrote a post earlier about some changes to the location and characters and I was going to leave it at that but it got me thinking, why, Fox why. One of the greatest shows of all time, based on a real time format has been ruined. Don’t even tell me Fox can’t afford it or don’t need the show back. They haven’t had a show as good since it, quite possibly before it either. Still can’t wait for it to start though. Altogether now, chi co chi co. 


By pitchscript

9 comments on “Why is the new season of 24 only half a day?

      • …Or you go cook up HOMELAND and hope 24 slowly falls apart like it finally did, heh.

        Actually, I sort of wish they’d just do the 2-hour film they planned and get it over with, but I guess we’ll see how “12” works out, as calling a half day 24 is a bit odd… unless they have something planned they’re not telling…

      • Come on, even though it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it was in the beginning, the final few seasons still pissed on anything on TV at that time. I mean yeah Homeland is awesome, but it’s no 24.

      • Well, it was still good, but you could tell that it ran hard and fast and was getting kind of formulaic in a few areas. I guess we’ll see if after such a long time away if fans come back to the show. Even they guy who turned me onto it (and he’s the hardest core action/spy/uber agent fan I know) was skeptical about the new format. We’ll see – you’re dead on about it probably going to be the best thing Fox has on when it comes back…

      • I know, that’s the sad thing though. Out of all the posts iv’e put on with different trailers and shows coming out the main one I keep getting feedback on is Sleepy Hollow which is on Fox, but I honestly watch it and think, it’s gotta be a cancellation, which doesn’t give me much hope for the others. I guess that’s why I wanted the 24 to be a 24, not a 12.

      • I think Sleepy Hollow will be DOA or a one-season deal (how far can you take a short story that Tim Burton had a blast reinventing as a single film), but the TV horror phase is cycling through it’s thing, so here we go… maybe if it’s a bust, 24 might get a boost and new episodes (although it’s hard to bet on that with shooting schedules and actors needing to work already planning post-show stuff in the case of 24)…

      • I totally agree with you about Sleepy Hollow and feel that way about a lot of the new shows this year. In regards to 24, that’s where I think the change will happen in the TV network. I think it will be a major hit, get a full season next year and will be the start of an old show revival. Think Heroes, Prison Break. I mean it has already started with the Veronica Mars movie and 24.

  1. This was my favorite show too. I even wrote a post about How Jack always made promises, but he never kept them. it was called “The Jack Bauer Promise”. Well, what is FOX promising us? episodes in double-time or half a day? Why fix it if It isn’t broken? That said, I do hope Audrey comes out of her…lets call it a long slumber.

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