Torrent websites, good or bad for the TV and movie industry?

I know I’m not alone in saying I have used them. I would admit to using them more but I’m blogging about movies and TV so I feel like a hypocrite. The reason I post this is I do feel that both respective industries have fallen behind in embracing this way of letting viewers watch content. Why should someone in an EU or middle East or even in an African country have to wait for either a release date weeks or even months later for a movie to be released or pray that one of the networks decides to buy the show they want to watch, only to show it next year when they can simply download or stream it right now and watch it advert free and at a time and date they want to? Because it’s wrong? Because it’s hurting the industries and threatening the future of them? Because it’s copyright and it’s against the law? Well, yes for all of the above. Oh and to ensure that Ashton Kutcher and Simon Cowell can continue to pay child support to already millionaire children that aren’t theirs. 

By pitchscript

4 comments on “Torrent websites, good or bad for the TV and movie industry?

  1. I loved your post! It’s so true! Why do we have to wait months or weeks to a movie to come out! I hate that. But what can I say, most of the time I watch it online. I don’t love to do that, but I also can’t stand waiting for a movie that I’ve been waiting for so long to come out. Where I live I have to do that and it’s not nice.

  2. you are right. number one reason is timing, not economical. complex copyright laws is what holds the industry back imho. so the paradox is that copyright is a problem because copyright is a problem 🙂

    • I know, what both industries need to get a grip on in my opinion is the potential for revenue if they got involved properly with it. Then maybe the change that is needed will happen.

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