Is it just me or is Game of Thrones just not that good?

Before the axes come swinging my way and the white walkers turn up at my door, yes I have seen the show so I am writing from what I have seen, I just feel that the show is one of a handful that is vastly over rated by everybody based on it’s title and peer pressure to agree.

The other shows I am referring to include Mad Men and Downton Abbey. So called best of the best. Emmy award winners. And. What I find most frustrating about all of these shows are the amount of episodes that include minute upon minute of talking complete and utter nonsense written by writers completely oblivious to the modern human being, and wasting precious plot time and my time. There will be people out there who will disagree with what I am saying, hopefully some will be outraged, but let me ask you this, try and remember an episode of any of those shows where you can remember what the conversation was about. 

By pitchscript

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