why Kickstarter should get involved more with movies.

After the frenzy that was the Veronica Mars movie it is my opinion that it only a matter of time before this happens on a large scale. The movie raised over two million dollars in its first day and over five and a half million by the end of the campaign. This was for a movie made out of a cancelled tv show. Had this been a studio financed movie, it would have take years to get off the ground, if at all. The people spoke and paid out, fans got a piece of the action, and the barriers between Hollywood and the post recession world were, at least for this one time, bridged. I would mail this blog to all studio executives as a wake up call, if only I knew their names, what they looked like, what they did, anything at all about them. Or I could just go on Kickstarter. 

By pitchscript

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