Why is the new season of 24 only half a day long?

I mean really, it does kinda defeat the object.  One of the greatest shows of all time returns in half day format. Now I am a big fan of the short season for many shows, and feel that a lot of the times networks use the 22+ episodes to just show more ads but the excitement that used to come from watching 24 every week was the TV highlight of my week. It was the one show with no filler episodes, no stopping and exploring the characters, no lets go the coffee shop and talk, hell the guy never went to the bathroom once. Come to think about it no one went and I don’t think there was a bathroom in the show. Ever. I must check that out in case i’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Either was I’ll watch it, as will many others who long for the return of Jack Bauer, Chloe and him from Haven. I mean come on, who hasn’t smiled when they’ve walked or waited or relaxed somewhere and someones phone rings and it’s the CTU ringtone.

By pitchscript

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