Even though we have more TV channels than ever before, my 7 year old son will not watch TV.

When I was a kid there were four channels. That’s right,  Channel 5 hadn’t even been invented. I told my son this and he laughed at me. Then he looked at me with an expression that said “how did you survive in this dark time”. Then came Sky and cable and the light came to England. My son had all the channels he could want to flick through, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, to name a few.

Then it happened. He just stopped watching TV.  I would ask him if he wanted something on, no was the reply. He would rather watch other people do pointless things and talk him through it on youtube, or go on the Playstation he got for Christmas.  My nephew and niece came up last weekend, one is 7, the other is 5, and they did the same.  Do you want to watch something on TV I said to all three of the kids. No it’s alright they all said at the same time as they huddled over the ipad. It was at this point that I asked what they were so fascinated in. We are just watching someone play on a game on youtube. Seriously, watching someone else play a game.

My wife came back from work and I told her about this, she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, “kids today” she said. We then had a talk about the good old days when there were only four channels. Remember when Channel 5 came out she said and we both had a smile on our face. Then we sat down to the warming glow of the television, she rested her feet on my legs, and put our favourite programme that we watch together on. Then she went on Facebook on her iphone whilst I watched it.

By pitchscript

3 comments on “Even though we have more TV channels than ever before, my 7 year old son will not watch TV.

  1. I don’t remember when channel 5 was invented, but I DO remember when we had to use the antenna to get a clear screen. Or when we had to turn the dial for a channel and if we missed the channel, the had to keep going around until it came up again. Wow, those were the days. Nice post.

    • Hi Krystol, thanks for the comment. I checked out your website and I like it. It’s not easy getting your work published and that’s one of the reasons I started this blog. I started a website to try and encourage people to write scripts and bring ideas for new movies and TV shows, with the hope breaking the cycle of networks and studios hiring their own and letting hidden talent shine. It was done without any funding or help but needs people to know about it. I admire what you are doing and hope to watch your screenplay soon.

      • Thanks! I have several screenplays written and a few shorts. I’m getting my shorts shot indie of course so people can see I mean business. Maybe that will impress an agent or production company.

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