Do you enjoy a TV show better if you watch it all in one go?

I don’t mean watch it for a full day,  if you have that much time on your hands I want your life. What I mean is I like a lot of shows, too many and I always say I’ll record this one and that one, then i’ll watch them all one at a time. But I don’t, I decide to watch one after two or three episodes have recorded, then I’ll say to myself, I’ll just watch the first one to see if it’s any good. Then another. Then I’m back to the same routine of watching it week by week, trying to remember what happened in the last episode, then wishing I hadn’t once the inevitable cliffhanger comes around and I have to wait another week to find out what happens.

The thing is, for the shows I have actually held on to watch, waited, let the episodes build up on, then watched one day to the next in the two hours free I have between 10 and 12, I find myself enjoying more, getting more involved in the storylines, with the characters, not forgetting some sub plot from seven episodes before.  I enjoy it more and bet you will too.

Anyway gotta go, I only have one hour and fifteen minutes left to watch something.

By pitchscript

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