Why a Justice League movie would be twice as big as the Avengers.

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For years now there has been talk of, discussions of and rumours of a Justice League film, and only very recently has it been actually confirmed, with a lot of things including cast and story still up in the air. I for one do not have any idea what the problem was, it was the simplest movie in the world to make, so simple in fact that my 7 year old son could have been a executive producer on it.
One of the problems everyone kept saying was that when Marvel decided to make the Avengers, they built it up over the course of a number of individual movies featuring each Avenger then put them all together, and Dc hasn’t done this, with only the Green Lantern, the Dark Knight trilogy and the new Man of Steel, the first of which was considered a flop, the second not wanting to be involved in the project and the latter seen revamping the Superman character for a new audience.
What DC don’t seem to understand is that one of the main reasons the Avengers was such a box office smash was not because of the films that came before but because people wanted to see a group of superheroes come together, and a lot of people wanted it to be the Justice League instead of the Avengers, but that was never going to happen so why not enjoy the spectacle whilst it was there.
I’ll freely admit I loved the Avengers, but to choose between them or the Justice League, I know what I would of picked.
Another problem was Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale stating numerous times that the Dark Knight trilogy was a stand alone world, and would be nothing to do with the Justice League project. When I heard that I was actually relieved. Don’t get me wrong I love the trilogy, but it was too dark and serious to include other superheros. Imagine Bale’s Batman and Cavill’s Superman in a quiet moment, sitting together in the Batcave, talking shop. I can’t either and that is why the Dark Knight trilogy needs to be left alone.
Now that the new Man of Steel is a box office success DC finally feel like they have nailed a main part of the equation, I for one wouldn’t have minded seeing the Superman Returns version in a Justice League movie, that film was a) a box office success and b) a pretty damn good movie.
The Green Lantern movie was never an issue, the Superman and Batman element of the film would sell the tickets anyway, and chances are if Ryan Reynolds was to play him, the character would be one of the most memorable parts in the film.
In the live action movie aspect of it, all the studio needs to do now is bring out a Wonder Woman film. It seems as if they are scared to do this given the fact that it is a female character and no one has any idea how it would pan out at the box office, however I will go back to the issue I raised a minute ago about the Superman and Batman element of it being the main selling point anyway.
So, now that those points are addressed, what else could be the problem. That’s just it, everything else is pretty much ready. What I mean is there have been numerous animation DC movies with all characters involved featured together, building up a steady audience. There have been numerous TV shows featuring all Justice League characters, various versions of Batman, a show showing how Superman grew up in Smallville, a Green Lantern animated series, and most recently and currently on it’s second season a version of Green Arrow.
There have been video games, Injustice and Lego Batman 2 to name a couple, comics, chess sets, Lego sets, figures. You name it, you can find a Justice League version of it. Everything except a movie.
Why do I think a Justice League movie would destroy the Avengers at the box office? Quite simply, for years the world has been wanting a movie, devouring all of the other versions named above in substitute of a movie that they felt was never going to be, that the studios and executives said couldn’t be done, and that if it did would fail horribly.
If you ask anyone which they would rather see, Avengers or Justice League, you will know the answer yourself.
Stephen Ashcroft.

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